\\ Edito

In many ways, the work of an individual is difficult or easy. We risk very little to enjoy a position of judgment towards those who offer their work and personality.

The bitter truth is that the world succeeded in wealth and share hallmarks of beings, however insignificant they may be, knowing how to grow and flourish in the grand scheme of things. The world as it is today thirsts for discoveries and defended novelty.

We can live and let ourselves be lulled share exclusive events each day and a singularly unexpected source. As numerous as they are, the news are an understatement to some of our preconceptions.

It's not everyone who is able to become a great artist, at least to fight and to amplify his inner glow, his art, but a great artist can come from anywhere. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the geniuses of our world, which are, in my opinion, nothing less than the beings who have advanced what we know and what we will know.